Character Restrictions For Updates Status On Facebook


Facebook is very popular now, almost everyone familiar with Facebook. and one of the activities associated with Facebook and would have been done by the owner of Facebook is to write an account of their status, this is what we know to update the status.

Still associated with status updates on Facebook today announced the restrictions on the status of characters that will be in writing. Mark Zuckerberg and his colleagues have limited the number of characters that can be entered when the user will update its status. Facebook parties to limit the character to update the status on Facebook is 420 characters. But although it has been limited to 420 characters, this number is still far more than just Twitter that limit the amount of just 140 characters.

Notification length change that status confirmed by Facebook some time ago, which spread the information on the social networking application developers on it.

But since the facebook party still could not solve the problem, to update the status of the use of "Attachment" will be published as news is not regarded as normal and update the status of what we usually see at the top of the facebook profile.

To quote from AllFacebook, 10 April 2010, although only 420 characters of this restriction has been underway since some time ago, but this time the new Facebook announced restrictions on the public. Users alone are expected much of this restriction has not been realized when applied, how the boundaries were determined and why the number limit is 420 characters.

But it is expected that there will be no reduction in another character on the status update on Facebook, because the media status update on facebook has become a media that is useful enough to share info, share a story, share experiences, to vent, and others.

Well, make our service users of social networking site Facebook, is expected to utilize the facility status updates carefully, and could bring only the necessary status
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