New, Free Domain From .CU.CC


Free Domain From .CU.CC
Once the domain that we can get it for free before, but after experiencing difficulty because of already deindex by google.
Now there are the other alternatives free domains from CU.CC.

Since its emergence is still new, so it could still be many opportunities to get a good domain name.

Well, for those who want to try and get a free domain CU.CC, please click the banner below:

CU.CC: Free Domain Registration + FREE DNS Services -

To get a free domain from CU.CC, make sure that you register first.
Here's how the list of domains.

1. Click the banner above to go to the registration page.
2. Find / enter the domain name you want, then check availability
3. On the domain option, select register 2 years, and then click checkout.
4. Then you will go to the registration data input page. Fill in your data.
the box street / number input the address of less than 100 characters without a dot and comma (. and,), if all is complete click create account.

5. Then you will be brought to a verification page, check your inbox / spam email, then copy and paste the key verificationnya on these boxes, then click verify Key Action
6. Lastly, Finish Registration
For how to domain settings. to blogspot or wordpress self-hosting may be discussed at the next article.
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