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If you hear the word "Facebook" Who does not know what a facebook, social networking site this one is very popular these days, even to children who still have not schools also already know a lot about facebook. As soon as the popularity of social networking sites.

But, how many people who know about the history of the founding of Facebook?

I'm sure more than 50% of Facebook users do not know about the early emergence of Facebook.
Well, here I tried to explain briefly about the beginnings of facebook, starting a facebook yet well known at the time, sped up to the Top and till get the Alexa ratings on the number two position after

Overview of the history of Facebook, Facebook was made by a student, so not a group of people. Facebook was first launched on February 4, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg a student at Harvard University. Target making up for Facebook to facilitate communication among the students. In only two weeks more than half the students at Harvard University have an account on Facebook. Then the help of two colleagues that Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hugh, facebook successfully expand into several other universities. And in just four months after launched, facebook has been expanded to 30 campuses. Starting in September 2005, Facebook opened its network to not only be enjoyed by students, but also can be enjoyed by high school students. Lapse a year later, in September 2006, Facebook opened its network to anyone with an e-mail. And facebook began to flourish in Indonesia around the year 2009.
According to facebook reportedly first discovered by someone, so instead of a group of people who create social networking site this cool community.
Facebook is a social networking site that has the most complete facilities to foster a social life. Starting from sending messages, chatting, updating the status, form communities and can be used as a venue for promotion. In Indonesia, facebook was once very popular as a medium of socialization. The majority of the population into facebook users, ranging from children to adults.

According to data updated as of January 2010, Registrant Facebook more than 170 million people, while listed as active users around 25 million people. Facebook has a Page Rank 9 (nine) and busiest sites listed as number 7 (seven) in the world and get a drastic increase visitor traffic to Alexa at the position listed in number two after

Why facebook is more familiar and fast growing compared with other social networking sites like twitter, friendster, Socint? Perhaps because of the completeness of which is owned by the Facebook features compared with other social networking sites.

What are the advantages possessed by Facebook?

Look forward to the next posting.
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