Japanese Scientists Create a Dream Recording Machine


Japanese scientists take first step in creating a dream recording machine. Sound like science fiction, but it was being held in a laboratory in Japan. The team of scientists at Kyoto, Japan developed the technology in a dream image formation, which can quickly read the minds of men. They have developed this system with MRI scanners to create images directly from the brain. Experiments showed subjects images are reassembled in the outer layer of skin on the brain.

In this research, scientists use computer programs that scan the volunteers looked at hundreds of still images of a different color, like black, white and gray. then replicate the program elements and characters that are visible, although the result is still more obscure than the original color.

The next step, researchers will learn how to visualize the image in people's minds. This technology is also expected to be able to record the dream. "It is a bit like the fictional story of a scientific nature, for example, if you are aged 50 years and has a beautiful dream before, you can examine it and show it to your children." Said Yoshiyuki Onuki, one of the volunteer experiments.

The scientists also said that the human brain reading technology will be developed so that people can communicate directly from their minds with electronic equipment. With gestures and communicate without language, the keyboard and the keys will be ancient objects. "Although there are many forms of communication, the internet or other small appliance, it is limited by body. This discovery means we have a communication method that can deal directly with the brain. " Clearly Dr. Yukiyasu Kamitani, a spokesman for the scientists. This new technology opens the door to many new possibilities. But scientists warn that it could bring problems to the cultural and privacy issues. Those who want to "lock her personality", may have to wait a bit longer.
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