Silence Of Love - The love story of a mute father to his daughter [video]


Silence Of Love - The love story of a mute father to his daughter
A very touching video, this video is a commercial advertisement which was launched by an insurance company "Thai Life Insurance".

In this video tells a struggle of a father who had a daughter who was upset with the lack of his father owned. The father has the disadvantage that dumb. Without a longer length, please refer to the following videos Silence of Love :

Hopefully this video can give a lesson to us all about the great importance of loving parents to their children.

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3 komentar:

Grab Video on 10/13/11, 12:11 PM said...

Waaawwww....sangat mengharukan...
Video yang bener2 memberi inspirasi..
terima kasih udah posting video ini, mohon izin share video ini

Blog Amatiran on 10/13/11, 12:16 PM said...

Yups..sama2, silakan kwn

bendrajrs on 11/26/12, 12:47 AM said...

dimana kita bsa download film.a....??

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