Have You Set The Privacy of Your Facebook Account...???


After a few issues that bring about the lack of privacy security system service on facebook, so many people who decided to close their facebook account, even the criticism appeared imminent closure facebook accounts en masse.

As in the previous article that revealing about Facebook will boycott, which states parties to protest about poor service facebook privacy security system will hold protest actions on 06 June 2010. If you visit the website, is likely to be a great action, because it has much to be a follower on twitter and facebook.

But here I am not talking about the protest plan or how to organize privacy facebook account. here only want to see from the neutral side. Facebook Party does have shortcomings in privacy security system, but actually it depends on our cooperation as well as facebook users because we are given the authority to regulate our own account.

Now, here arises a question, have you set the privacy of your account ...???
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