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After yesterday's Blog Amatiran could bring the posting of the "Characters Restrictions for Updates Status on Facebook", at this time may be a criticism to be quite a challenge accepted by facebook. So many protests posted to the facebook especially concerned about privacy rights are still weak on facebook account, so a lot of facebook account users who feel comfortable in surfing on facebook.

If security is still weak of a user account privacy may result in the number of data theft that can lead to a crime of the cracker. There have been many thefts occur later data relating to financial accounts data, business, other media. Theft of these data could also potentially in the name of another person for a criminal act by irresponsible parties. So can we know that a right to privacy is something that is so fatal and should have strong security.

Facebook attitudes associated with considerable neglect the protection of the privacy rights of its users, there arose a lot of criticism received by the facebook. numerous protests posted about this. According to a statement from the BBC website, the senators in the United States issued a public appeal for Facebook to rethink the policy of protecting the privacy rights of Facebook users.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) even issued a petition addressed to the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. ACLU asked Zuckerberg to provide a way to control all the information to share users through Facebook. According to the official agency in charge of consumer data protection is also called the Facebook privacy policy changes as a step that can not be accepted.

Criticism addressed to warm the center of social networking sites are quite popular this one as the most popular social networking options that do not enact privacy Opt ins. Thus the default standard, user information such as postings, photos, and profile data will be viewed publicly.

Some time ago, Facebook launched a new feature, Instant Personalization, also triggering the disclosure of personal data their users. Personal data such as email users on Facebook can be broken with cross site scripting through the holes that were found from the site Yelp. Besides the facebookers private conversation using chat box on Facebook also had leaked and can be peered by other users.

This sparked protests by Facebook users. Charlotte Crockett, a young 29 years old from the Netherlands, is one of more than one hundred thousand supporters of the group calling itself the "Facebook, Respect My Privacy!" made by the organization Facebook groups are urged to also make changes to the privacy policy.

"I am very concerned about people who do not understand how they should limit the information that they share on facebook. My colleagues my age are still many who do not understand, even the example of my parents," said Crockett told BBC News.

To build the consciousness of the other facebookers to be more concerned with their personal data privacy rights, some Facebook users are also making a parody site called Youropenbook. At the site, displayed post-funny and embarrassing posts from users of Facebook, which they broadcast unconsciously because they are not doing correctly privacy settings. For example, an employee who admitted posting truant from their job, or status that includes the recognition of an employee who work on his superiors, and others.

Even resistance Facebook users who have escalating on a plan to boycott Facebook. Facebook users established movement, plan to boycott Facebook on June 6, 2010. On that day, the supporters of this motion asking Facebook users to not sign in to Facebook all day, to support their movement. Facebook is otherwise less sensitive in this case Facebook users respond to unrest in recent years had sparked a wave of antipathy toward the movement's social networking site.

Later some influential facebookers like Peter Rojas, Matt Cutts, Leo Laporte, Cory Doctorow also choose to close their accounts on social networking pages.

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