Many Facebook users who delete their facebook account


How Do I Delete My Facebook Account

After yesterday's Blog Amatiran was write about Facebook will boycott | Anti Facebook, Maybe this will be a fairly horrendous news, Facebook is already very popular and widely used by the public because access is easy enough and has enough features that are rumored to be experiencing the full folded. Wow, does that make this site a fairly drastic decline?

Hearing the news circulating that many Facebook users who decided to shut their Facebook accounts. All things were caused by the negligence of facebook in providing services, especially at the users' privacy rights. Because as we all know that many cases related to theft of personal data from users Facebook.

Because it was fatal, according to Google is said also that the party had experienced leakage of information which could in infiltrated by the cracker, and all this is done through the theft of data on Facebook. Wow, very fatal. Not to mention the crimes that can trigger spoke on behalf of others.

If you see information from a largest search site, Google. Number of searches with keyword "How to delete your Facebook account" increased dramatically this week doubled from last week, even reaching record highs. Some search with keywords from the United States. Concrete examples of disappointment Facebook users also presented by Google as the search by typing the keyword "How Do I", then automatically this keyword will Threaded becomes "How Do I Delete My Facebook Account ". This is caused by so many who try search by keyword.

Facebook managers in the past week was busy wait on negative news media for its ability to protect the privacy of the account owner. This is what makes a number of leading columnists rubric of technology specialists and the famous bloggers choose to close their accounts from Facebook permanently.

Peter Rojas, founder of the leading gadget pages, told ABC News claimed was no longer willing to deal with Facebook. Because, Rojas claimed to have spent a lot of time can not stand just to manage her accounts in order not to peek or copied by fellow Facebook users who are not familiar with. "Keep-channel monitor settings a personal appearance was very complicated. We can never be sure can control everything," said Rojas.
Referring to the blog of The Guardian, Andrew Brown also expressed his disappointment to Facebook. "When you care about your privacy and friends, do not use Facebook anymore. We are considered products, not consumers," wrote Brown.

This week is also among the European data protection officials have written a letter to Facebook stating that policy changes in the regulation of personal space in December last year the account owner "unacceptable." A number of senators in the U.S. was also concerned similar to Facebook. So far this week the new Facebook chat service disabled after they found a bug that makes a user get a peek at the contents of the conversation of his friends with others in private. But the manager refused to disclose how many Facebook users who have deleted their accounts. Facebook managers only disclose that fact, since the conference between web developers "f8" months ago, Facebook active users has increased 10 million to more than 400 million people.

Lev Popov, a Facebook software engineer, revealed that it has completed the page with a number of devices that guarantee the security of personal data are not easily infiltrated the account owner of a stranger. Upgrade systems that have recently conducted Facebook also makes the account owner can block access to suspicious.

"We believe that these new devices and systems will be more useful in preventing unauthorized access and disruption caused by the intrusion," said Popov, such as pages loaded BBC television.

However, according to Popov, the most powerful security is derived from the owner of the respective accounts. "As usual, the first line of defense is yourself. We need your help to adopt safe behavior in using Facebook as well as when surfing to other pages", said Popov.

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